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  • How do chain and belt drive garage door openers compare?

    These types of openers have practically the same design and work in the same way. The only difference comes from the drive. In the first case, it is a metal chain, which is strong and durable. In the second case, it is a belt which is usually made of steel reinforced rubber. As a result, the electric door is much quieter when it runs.

  • What is the average useful life of a garage door spring?

    Manufacturers estimate of the cycle life of these components by the amount of times the door can open and close before the spring breaks. You can divide this number by the average number of times you use the door per day to get an idea of how long your spring will last for. The standard torsion springs have a useful life of 10,000 cycles while for extension ones, the number is 5,000 cycles.

  • Which type of garage door roller is best?

    This depends on your preferences. The two main types of material used to construct rollers are nylon and steel/. Steel rollers are typically very stable but require more maintenance and frequent lubrication. Nylon rollers are the quieter of the two, bet not as strong as the steel ones, this often makes them less sturdy over time.

  • How do I measure for a new garage door?

    Garage door professionals at Buffalo Grove advise that you do some measurement for your new garage door before shopping for a new door and its accessories. It is easy and simple to do the measuring and you will need a metal tape measure that has a length of 25 feet, clipboard or notepad and pencil or pens. You need to measure the precise finished opening width and height of the door, the side room (the distance from the door opening’s edge to any wall), the headroom (the distance from the door opening to the ceiling) and depth into room, which is the distance from the finished door opening to the back point where the automatic opener will extend.

  • How do I schedule servicing of my overhead garage door?

    Effective results for garage doors of all kinds.

    A yearly service must be done to your overhead garage door because it is one of the most moving objects at home, that the chance of it being used more often than the rest of the doors at home is very high. Hence, proper check up is required so that it is kept in good working condition and properly balanced at all times.

  • Is it alright to install my old garage door opener on my new garage door?

    Yes, it is alright. Before you do so, check first if it meets the safety codes of the city.

    As explained by Garage Door Repair Buffalo Grove experts, once you have verified that the unit is in compliance, you can install it on your new garage door. Also, you need to reinforce your garage doors with the help of experts in the field.

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