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Perhaps the most important part of your garage door is its opener. This is by far the most complex part of the system, and is what makes opening and closing your door such a hassle-free experience. However, while openers are designed to have a long life, they do occasionally can develop some issues, which will make things a lot less convenient for you.

Why Do Openers Breakdown?

The most common reason for openers to fail is simply wear and tear. Over time, their motor gears will wear out and stop working, or their circuit board will start to malfunction due to a detached wire or a fried section. When that happens, your entire door can be rendered inoperable, even if the component at fault is no larger than a hairpin.

Safety and Security

Your opener can improve a lot of different aspects of your home, safety and security in particular. The Genie Intellicode, for example, is a form of rolling code technology that will change the communication codes your remote and your opener use to communicate. This can prevent would-be thieves from hijacking these codes to gain access to your home. The safety reversal feature, which uses a pair of photo-electric sensors to detect an obstacle, can make sure your system won't harm any person that gets in its path.

Choosing The Right One

There are three main types of garage door openers that are most commonly used today. Chain-drive units are known for their strength and affordability, but also for their high maintenance requirements and loud noise. Belt-drive openers are often picked for their silent operation and reliability, but they tend to be on the expensive side. Last but not least, the screw-drive models, which consists of very few moving parts and require very little maintenance. Finding the best one for your specific needs isn't something you need to do alone.

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