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Garage Door Tips You Must Check Out

Our company is committed to helping garage door owners enjoy excellent performance and safety at all times. That is why in addition to providing professional services, we give you this web page full of practical tips you can use.

Consider getting pinch-resistant doors

It is always advisable to buy garage doors with pinch-protected joints. There are times when even automatic doors must be handled manually, especially during emergencies or if you're doing some minor maintenance work. Even if your door is supposedly pinch-proof, you should never place your fingers between its sections, as your fingers can still get hurt.

Invest in polyurethane insulation materials

You might find garage doors insulated with polystyrene or polyurethane. Although both of these materials both great, the former one might make your door a bit thicker and heavier. On the other side, polyurethane is applied in the form of foam, which means it can expand fully in between panels without significantly increasing the door's weight.

Always consult your owner's manual first

Whether it is finding out how to troubleshoot basic problems or learning how to safely operate some of your garage door opener's features, it is essential that you consult your manual before attempting anything. This isn't just a matter of safety, although that is the main reason why you should do this. If you end up damaging something, you may void your manufacturer's warranty.

Stay away from the door while it's opening

Even if you checked the safety sensors this very morning and you're certain everything is in a perfect working condition, wait until your door fully opens before passing through. The few seconds you'll have to wait will be well worth it considering the alternative is rushing under the door while its still moving and getting hurt. Patience is a virtue for a reason.

Don't let your kids play with your garage door

Automatic garage doors can be opened with mobile or wall-mounted remote controls. You should never let your children get a hold of the remote control. Your garage door is not a toy, and they could be hurt by it if they start playing with its automatic functions. Wall mounted remotes must be high enough so that small children wont be able to easily reach them. You may also want to consider getting one that is password protected for improved safety.

Make a visual inspection of your garage door on a regular basis

This type of regular examination can be a great way to catch minor issues before they become major problems. Take a close look at all of your system's moving parts. Check the condition of the springs and cables for any fraying sections. Make sure the rollers and pulley system aren't damaged or starting to become chipped or cracked. You should also inspect the hinges to see if they started to develop some dark spots or rust. If you find any signs of a problem, contact our team right away.

Garage door sensors must be properly aligned

Your opener's safety sensors are in charge of preventing the door from hitting a person or object that gets in its path. They send the system into reverse the moment they detect such an obstacle, and therefore if they are misaligned, your safety could be compromised. Test them out by placing something under the open door and then close it using the opener. If your door won't reverse and hits the object, then sensor realignment is required. Contact our experts to get it done professionally.


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