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How to use garage door repair tips for the best results. A guide to the industry tricks.

  • Pinch resistance

    It is always advisable to buy garage doors with pinch-resistant joints. There are times when even automatic doors must be handled manually in case  they don't close properly or if you're doing maintenance work. Doors usually have gripping areas you can use. Never place your fingers between door sections as you only injure yourself.

  • Invest in polyurethane insulation materials

    You might find garage doors insulated with polystyrene or polyurethane materials and although they are both great, the former one might make the door a bit thicker. On the other side, polyurethane expands fully in between panels and is attached to the skin of the door. So, you will have excellent insulation at all parts.

  • Never skip the manual

    Whether it is finding out how to fix basic problems or learning how to safely operate your garage door opener, it is essential that you consult your manual before attempting anything with the parts. Doing so can help you learn how to perform various actions safely.

  • Stay Away from the Door When Opening

    When someone has pressed the garage door for opening or closing, stay away from it until the action is already completed. You might run the risk of having finger injuries. The problem could even get worse if your hand gets stuck in the door. Buffalo Grove experts always suggest caution when opening or closing the door.

  • Upgrade to an electric door

    If you are interested in having an electric opener for your door, you may need to convert your garage door to an electric one. Doing so will allow you to operate the functions smoothly and more conveniently. In most options, the opener may be customized and retrofitted to your garage door. Therefore, make sure to determine whether you really need it, not just because of the convenience it offers.

  • Keeping Kids Safe from Garage Doors

    Automatic garage doors can be opened with mobile remote controls or controls installed on the wall. Whatever shape or size they may come, never let children get hold of the remote control as they can get seriously hurt by the largest moving part in your garage- the door. Wall mounted remotes must be high enough so that kids would not reach it easily. You may also want to consider getting one that requires password for better safety.

  • Make a Visual inspection of your garage door on a regular basis.

    Have a good look at your garage door from the inside of your garage.

    Take a close look at the mechanism and moving parts of your garage door, such as the pulleys, rollers, springs, cables and even the hinges and look for signs of damage and wearing. For any signs of a problem, consider consulting our technicians for help.

  • Garage Door Sensors Must be Aligned

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    One of the common reasons why garage door sensors are not working well is the possibility of them being out of balance or out of sync. Garage Door Repair Buffalo Grove advises that these sensors should be checked constantly and realigned, when needed. It only takes gentle pushing of the sensors to its correct position, directly facing at each other.

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